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LUMINAR – a multimedia immersive art space

In November 2023, a multimedia immersive art space LUMINAR opened on the territory of Europe’s largest Ferris wheel “The Sun of Moscow”. On an area of about 1000 square meters. LUMINAR will present a completely new experience of immersion in the world of Digital Art. 

The author of the project is Tata Karapetyan, First Vice-President of Tashir Group of Companies

The art space consists of five locations: the main projection hall “World”, mirror installation “Aura”, dome hall “Sphere”, LED-tunnel “Portal” and pantry “Meanings”, and each location has its own non-repeating extravaganza content.

The grandiosity of the idea always leads to complex technical solutions to fulfill the requirements of the author of the project.

The company “LIGHT.SOUND.CONTRACTOR.” carried out the design of the sound complex in all five locations of the art space and its installation. During the design process acoustic calculations, selection of specialized acoustic systems and their placement in the locations, selection of acoustic materials and consultations on their application were carried out.

As a result of the sound complex project developed by the company “LIGHT.SOUND.CONTRACTOR.”, a high-quality sound picture, combined with three-dimensional and generative graphics in each of the locations, help viewers to immerse themselves in the incredible world of digital art.

The first immersive art space of a new format in Moscow

The first immersive art space of a new format – the LUMINAR, which is located in the heart of the capital’s cultural life – VDNKh – has opened in Moscow. Today VDNKh is the main open-air architecture exhibition in the capital, which unites on its territory many objects of cultural heritage. The author of the project is Tata Karapetyan, the first vice-president of Tashir Group of Companies.

“We have created a unique immersive art space that amazes from the first minutes. LUMINAR erases physical boundaries and forms a new culture of human interaction with the digital environment. The first immersive show “VI OCEAN” captivates with its scale and incredible technical complexity of performance”, – said Karina Agadjanova, Managing Director of LUMINAR.

“Moscow these days is a modern, technological metropolis, it was important for us to create something new, unique, which has not yet been in the capital. Therefore, one of the leading companies in the field of interactive media in the world – Sila Sveta – was engaged to develop the content. The best 3D designers and artists of the studio worked on the project, and the result is truly mesmerizing!”, – said Karina Agadjanova.

The project involves the most modern equipment of the world leaders in digital projection technologies. The main projection hall is equipped with special stereo cameras with video image processing system based on artificial intelligence. It should be noted that projects of this level are very popular in many countries, such as China, UAE, South Korea, France, Germany, UK and USA. However, the combination of four different formats of show demonstration at the same time will appear for the first time in Moscow.

“The potential of the project is extremely high. The viewer likes a quality product, a person is not always versed in multimedia, but can always distinguish a high-quality show from an ordinary one. In LUMINAR we put a big bet on cool graphics, script and technical set-up – it will definitely have a response. It is important to note that the project fits the category of edutainment – people will not only enjoy what they see, but also learn something new for themselves,” added co-founder of Sila Sveta studio Alexander Us.

Immersive Digital Art or the art of immersion offers viewers to feel free from limitations, return to their emotions, find the potential for experimentation, self-discovery, opening new horizons of their imagination. This is just the beginning: plans to launch new multimedia shows, digital exhibitions with art artists, collaborations and new immersive experiments are in the works.

The creators of LUMINAR set themselves the task of popularizing initiatives aimed at preserving nature and environmental protection. The project is launched with the participation of the charity foundation “Give Life to the Planet”. Part of the funds raised will be used for the foundation’s project to support the Lake Baikal ecosystem and improve a special natural area.