ALCHEMY 7 new product from DTS Lighting.



  • 6-color LED source with Ø 250 mm Fresnel lens
  • Linear zoom 15° – 50°
  • High luminosity with an evenly diffused and flat beam
  • Superior white light quality
    and precise color rendering
  • Extensive colour palette, wide range of pastel colors
  • linear CTC
  • Silent mode for theatres and TV studios
  •  ‘Hi-Q Dimming’ Technology
  • “Tungsten emulation” function
ALCHEMY 7 is a high performance LED wash moving head that guarantees high luminosity with a superior light quality, both in white lights in which an accurate color rendering is assured and in colors. Alchemy 7 is marked HQS (High Quality Spectrum-DTS trademark) with which we emphasize its ability to generate high quality whites and an extensive range of colors that provides beautiful pastel shades. Moreover, Alchemy 7’s tungsten emulation function was developed to accurately recreate that of halogen lamps. This projector was designed to perform in theatres and television where quietness, versatility and quality of  light are fundamental.