Robe Launches New LEDBeam 350 Moving Light.


To those familiar with the massively successful little LEDBeam 150™, this is a bigger, brighter – 6,600 lumen – variant, delivering even more punch and presence for those wanting crystal clear beams and beautifully rich colour washes.

Robe has retained and built on all the features that made the LEDBeam 150 a winner, including a spectacular zoom range – 3.8 to 60 degrees – and innovative lens coating technology which keeps the lenses clearer and scratch-free.

Anti-static properties further reduce dust collecting on the lens, and the latest coating treatment brings countless additional benefits like lengthening the intervals needed between cleaning and enhancing the light output.

More advanced technology includes CPulse™, Robe’s acclaimed Pulse Width Modulation control system that removes any on-screen camera flicker, making the LEDBeam 350 a brilliant match for the most advanced HD and UHD camera systems.

All the most popular features of the smaller LEDBeam – including fast movement, colour mixing, zoom and control can be maintained via a ‘compatibility’ mode, allowing for the seamless combination of both 150 and 350 models together on the same rig for perfect continuity.

The 12 x 40W RGBW high powered LED multi-chips provide plenty of high-quality output and superior CMY colour mixing control. DataSwatch™ contains 66 pre-mixed colours and tones including whites for fast reliable colour selection, and Robe’s L3 Low Light Linearity system delivers imperceptible fades to absolute blackouts.

Quietness is crucial in certain scenarios, and the LEDBeam 350’s advanced cooling system and new super smooth zoom stepper motors make it exceptionally quiet and ideal for television, theatre, performance and event applications where no noise is critical.

Also, with theatre and performance in mind, outstanding tungsten lamp emulation is possible via the ‘halogen lamp mode’ which perfectly mimics red fade and the thermal delay of lamps in several ranges from 750W to 2500W. Further finessing is possible utilising the variable CTO (virtual colour wheel channel) for perfect whites from 2,700K to 8,000K.

An optional Epass™ Ethernet switch will automatically maintain network connectivity in case the fixture experiences power loss.

With versatility in mind, Robe has designed the LEDBeam 350™ FW version to offer a Fresnel-Wash type of beam for smoother edges and optimal colour homogenization.

Weighing under 10kg, the unit is hugely powerful for its light weight, while the compact size makes it highly usable even in the most confined studios or spaces. Overall, it is a very sound and reliable investment with all the Robe guarantees for multiple applications from special events and live shows to installations.

LEDBeam 350 will additionally work seamlessly in combination with other industry-standard Robe luminaires like the LEDBeam 150, ESPRITE, MegaPointe, Spiider and many others.